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Seminars / Workshops

Language and intercultural skills are a key factor for success in a globalised world. Offering your employees training and coaching in these fields is an investment which pays off. As a trainer and coach, I can assist you in improving your employees' language and culture competencies.

Training services


  • Basics of translation (theory and practice)
  • Translating specialised texts
  • Translating official documents
  • Analysis of translation problems (with a focus on a specific pair of languages)
  • Challenges and specifics of translation


  • Basics of Interpreting (theory and practice)
  • Conference interpreting and chuchotage
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Note taking for interpreters

Intercultural competencies

  • Seminars with a focus on a specific country or region
  • Intercultural communication in everyday life and business
  • Training for employees designated to be posted abroad

Language trainings

  • German as a foreign language (DaF) levels A1-C2
  • Russian
  • Polish


  • on specific countries or regions
  • on intercultural competencies
  • on language and culture
  • on language change
  • on gender and queer studies

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